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Without Having To Lift A Finger

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Powerful Scheduling Tool That Lets You Control Your
Tomorrows, Today

SKEDit combines human power with machine automation, to make your future life simpler,
easier and stress-free. This nifty little app belongs in your bag of tricks if you’re / you’re a:

Person who needs help remembering birthdays/special events of loved ones:

Never worry about forgetting to send messages to the people who matter most to you (while still living a busy lifestyle)

Marketer needing to send your message when it’s most likely to be read:

Automatically upload content & hit that ‘exposure sweet spot’ every time (watch profits roll in overnight)


Always needing to remind others:

Automatically send reminders to family, friends or colleagues who tend to forget important tasks (let nothing slip through the cracks)

Business using many different communication channels with customers

Consistently share content & build unbreakable rapport with your customers

Working across different time zones:

Effortlessly stay in touch with co-workers using impeccable timing and deadly accuracy

Always driving & wanting to avoid texting/calling, but still needing to communicate:

Contact others without risking your life texting & driving
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